Jason S. Loveman
San Jose, California
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A position designing and developing multi-tier, mobile and scaleable computing solutions with component-based techniques and technology.


Software design and development  for over 20 years, from ALGOL to Z-80, specializing in component-oriented design and development under for multi-tier systems. Expert in leveraging components for faster, more robust development.

  • Windows - C++, C#, .NET, ATL, XML, STL, COM/DCOM/COM+, MSMQ, DirectShow
  • Database - Redis, Mongo/Mongoose, SQL, ADO, ODBC, JDBC, Jet-Access, LDAP
  • Web/Mobile - HTML 5, Javascript, JQuery, XML (DOM/SAX), XMLHTTP (AJAX), Silverlight, Android, HTTP-DAV, ASP.NET


Qualcomm Atheros, San Jose (2012-present)
Senior Software Developer 
Linux, NodeJS, Javascript, HTML, Redis, Mongo, C
  • UI Work for the Streamboost "Smart Router" (using OpenWRT) using Raphael and Flot graphics and Javascript animations and processing.
  • A secure remote tunneling system using NodeJS/Javascript on the server for users to remotely access their Smart Routers. Including an account-based system with "email-loop" registration and a client-side OpenWRT package for redirecting web access on the client to the tunnel.
Microsoft Corp. (Mediaroom IPTV), Mountain View (2006-2012)
Senior Software Engineer 
C#, .NET, C++, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, ASP.NET, SQL, XML, Silverlight
  • Developed a portable mobile client in HTML/Javascript for browsing, playing and controlling over-the-top live and on-demand video. Developed shells with a common API to run the client using iOS (iPad), Android (tablets), and Windows.
  • Developed features for Mediaroom IPTV (AT&T U-verse) client set top box for UI and media processing.   Server-side development using ASP.NET, SQL and proprietary presentation framework for managment of TV service features.   Peer-to-peer (UDP broadcast) networking features for media sharing and in-home network management.   Developed sophisticated delegate-based caching mechanisms for optimizing memory and bandwidth.

TiVo, Inc., Alviso (2005-2006)
Architect, Technologist, Developer 
C++, ATL, STL, Java, SQL, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX
  • Designed and implemented video transcoder components using DirectShow for flexible transcoding of video files from the TiVo DVR. Transcoded from mpeg-2 to mpeg-4 and AVC for Apple Video iPod, Sony PSP. Integration with iTunes interfaces. Transcode internet video into mpeg-2 for rendering through DVR (TiVo To Come Back). Designed and implement portable desktop application in Java for upload and download of media files to TiVo DVR using XSLT to produce a DHTML/AJAX UI.
BroadWare Technologies, Santa Clara (2004-2005)
Client Architect, Technologist, Developer 
C++, ATL, STL, C#, JSP, JavaScript, HTML
  • Designed and implemented a streaming video client using proprietary BroadWare protocols and RTP/RTSP using a custom DirectShow source filter supporting live feeds and archived streams with trickplay. Built and maintained client apps in VB, C++, C#, and DHTML/JavaScript for viewing video, switching feeds, etc. Also designed and built client-side encoder using DirectShow to encode and stream video to the BroadWare DVR server.
Voice Access Technologies, Los Gatos (2001-2003)
Architect, Technologist, Developer 
C++, ATL, STL, C#, ASP.NET, COM+, ASP, SQL, XML, XSLT, MSMQ, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Nuance
  • Designed and implemented a SIP telephony VXML interpreter/compiler for voice recognition applications including extensions for voice enrollment, voice authentication using Nuance speech server software.  Developed server architecture for distributed processing, SIP load balancing and redundancy.  VXML applications supported embedded script, all VXML 1.0 tags, embedded COM and asynchronous (background) operations.  Applications included voice order entry, voice dialing, voice security, unified messaging (email reader and voicegram).  Web-based control interfaces integrated using MSMQ and COM+.  Developed scripts for automated deployment and configuration of servers.  Developed objects for multi-targeted database use for MS SQL, MySQL, and Jet-Access.
PCFirst, San Jose (1998-2001)
Co-founder, CTO, Architect
C++, ATL, STL, XML-SAX, XML-DOM, DCOM, ASP, Java, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, DHTML
  • Developed "pc2pc" web + ActiveX -based migration service for merging applications, data, and settings from an "old" Windows computer onto a new computer.  Supported Windows 95, 98, ME, 2K.  Extensive reverse-engineering of applications and registry settings.  Parsed application  information into an XML document, processed by server Java DCOM object.   Download XML transfer instructions and custom script to client-side component, executed by MS Script control with top-level "framework" objects used for XML parsing and utility functions.

  • Books

    "Building Applications with Internet Explorer and ActiveX",
    (published by Prentice Hall PTR, November 1998)
    ActiveX, ATL, Java, VBScript, JScript, ASP, ISAPI, COM/DCOM, STL
  • This book covers most aspects of developing applications for hosting in Internet Explorer including building and using ActiveX controls, Java and JDirect,, scripting in JavaScript and VBScript (with DHTML), and client-server technologies including ASP, DCOM, and RMI.
  • "Moving Into Windows NT",
    ( Sams publishing (1994) )
  • Technical introduction to NT for Windows programmers, published in June, 1994.
  • Product Credits, Earlier Work

    PCFirst "Pc2Pc Migration Service" 1999
    NCD, Inc. "Mariner Internet Organizer" 1996
    Jason Loveman Consulting "Working Watermarker" 1994
    Nomadic Systems "SmartSync" 1993


    Education, Professional Associations

    Taught Berkeley extension in MFC/OLE (1996)
    Published "Moving into Windows NT Programming" (Sams - Macmillan Publishing, 1991)
    Took Berkeley extension in C++ (1990)
    Graduate extension through Syracuse University (1982)
    B.S.E. Computer Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles (1981)

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