Jason S. Loveman
San Jose, California

Email, Hangouts: (jloveman@gmail.com)
Voice, SMS: (408) 329-7447
Homepage: http://www.vtable.com
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A position designing and developing full-stack mobile and scaleable computing solutions from browser through back-end.


Experienced in design and development of client and server software, middleware, databases, specializing in asynchronous Javascript programming (nodeJS/ES6).


2016 1-Page Ltd, San Franciscoe
Full Stack Architect
AWS, NodeJS, AngularJS, Mongo, ElasticSearch
2012-2016 Qualcomm Atheros, San Jose
Senior Software Developer
Linux, NodeJS, Javascript, Angular, AJAX, HTML, Redis, Mongo, C
2006-2012 Microsoft Corp. (Mediaroom IPTV), Mountain View
Senior Software Engineer
C#, .NET, C++, Javascript, JQuery, AJAX, ASP.NET, SQL, XML, Silverlight
2005-2006 TiVo, Inc., Alviso
Architect, Technologist, Developer
C++, ATL, STL, Java, SQL, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, HTML, AJAX
2004-2005 BroadWare Technologies, Santa Clara, now Cisco
Client Architect, Technologist, Developer
C++, ATL, STL, C#, JSP, JavaScript, HTML
2001-2003 Voice Access Technologies, Los Gatos
Architect, Technologist, Developer
C++, ATL, STL, C#, ASP.NET, COM+, ASP, SQL, XML, XSLT, MSMQ, VBScript, JavaScript, HTML, Nuance


"Building Applications with Internet Explorer and ActiveX",

(published by Prentice Hall PTR, November 1998)

ActiveX, ATL, Java, VBScript, JScript, ASP, ISAPI, COM/DCOM, STL

  • This book covers most aspects of developing applications for hosting in Internet Explorer including building and using ActiveX controls, Java and JDirect,, scripting in JavaScript and VBScript (with DHTML), and client-server technologies including ASP, DCOM, and RMI.
  • "Moving Into Windows NT",

    ( Sams publishing (1994) )

  • Technical introduction to NT for Windows programmers, published in June, 1994.
  • Product Credits, Earlier Work

    Qualcomm "Streamboost" 2014
    Microsoft "AT&T U-verse" 2006
    TiVo "TiVo Desktop" 2005
    PCFirst "Pc2Pc Migration Service" 1999
    NCD, Inc. "Mariner Internet Organizer" 1996
    Jason Loveman Consulting "Working Watermarker" 1994
    Nomadic Systems "SmartSync" 1993


    B.S.E. Computer Engineering, UCLA, Los Angeles
    Graduate classes through Syracuse University

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