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Aloha! From Jenn and Jason in Oahu.



Yes We Can! Celebrating November 4, 2008.



(L. to R.) My sister Robin, the King of Rock and Roll and Jenn.




Sadly, Addison, whose company we enjoyed for 13 years, died in April, 2002.
Feed me, Seymour!
We believe that Panda, who we found as a stray in early 2001, is a Scottish Fold cat (without the folded ears).  After 5 wonderful years, Panda developed kidney disease and died in August 2005.
Panda wants some chicken!
Hecubus adopted us when we lived at the condo in Mountain View, around 1995 and was with us until 2004.
Hecky - the gentle giant
Our latest addition to the family, Kibosh, is a purebred Russian Blue, born in March of 2003

Kibosh, on his first day at home

Churchill (Chili) is named after Winston Churchill and we got her from a Scottish Fold rescue organization in late 2005.   At the proper angle, her profile is very similar to Winston Churchill.
One of my favorite Chili pictures.  Sadly, she has developed breast cancer and after one surgery and several rounds of chemo, she may not have much time left.
Kibosh and Chili in 2010.
Motley was born in our backyard in 2005 and after weeks of feeding her and sitting with her, she became an indoor cat.  
Our newest cat, Mochi, came from Purebreds Plus cat rescue in March 2010.  They rescued him  from a breeder gone bad (with 99 cats!)
He's pretty funny looking and incredibly affectionate.


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